Welcome to the Office of Michael J. Kittay, MD

Combining cutting edge Psychiatric Medicine with old fashioned understanding and compassion, Dr. Kittay focuses on your unique concerns and needs.

Dr Kittay, psychiatrist

Today’s field of Psychiatric Medicine has made many advances and now offers patients real hope for wellness!

Dr. Kittay is an Adult Psychiatrist who treats all Psychiatric conditions with the goal of helping his patients feel their best.  Dr. Kittay is an experienced physician and Harvard trained Psychiatrist, known for his Diagnostic Skills who will offer you the most effective treatment available. With today’s advances in neuroscience, genetics, and treatment methods, we are able to offer patients state-of-the-art care. Our fundamental operating principle is the belief that Psychiatric Illness is a treatable medical and psychological disorder.  The best care program treats the whole person and focuses on healing the mind, body, and spirit.  All patients receive Individualized Recovery Plans.

If you or a love one need help in dealing with symptoms of psychiatric illness, please contact our office for an immediate Diagnostic Evaluation Appointment.



Dr. Kittay Specializes In Addiction Medicine

Dr. Kittay is a Board Certified Addiction Doctor

specializing in the treatment of Alcohol and Drug Misuse