Outpatient Care

Office-Based Addiction Care: Recovery in the Real World

Dr. Kittay’s Suboxone program is office-based addiction treatment that includes addiction medicine and psychiatry appointments, counseling and therapy, and educational sessions on the nature of addiction. It is designed for individuals who are highly committed to recovery, have a stable supportive home environment and who can handle living and working at home during their treatment. It is also designed for those who have tried to stop using opioids on their own or in residential programs, but relapse when they “graduate”.

All services are in your community. Your treatment does not interrupt daily routines or interfere with obligations. You recover at home, in your comfort zone, while you continue to work, attend school, or care for your children. You recover in the real world.

Multiple National Studies of “Out-Patient” Suboxone Opioid Addiction Treatments have consistently shown that they are very effective, and in fact are more successful than most Detox and Inpatient Rehabs.

Dr. Kittay’s program “Rehab without Walls” is:

  • Community Based Care: allows you to maintain a normal schedule and routine lifestyle;
  • Affordable: it costs significantly less than residential treatment counterparts, and you can continue to work while getting treatment;
  • Near Home: your family can be more involved in your recovery because you are at home. This is good for you and for them.
  • Continuity of Care: You benefit from having the same treatment team throughout your recovery;
  • Help for Families: addiction is a family disease, and community based care provides an opportunity for all members of the family to have access to the services they need;
  • Teaches Coping Skills: the best way to learn to cope with triggers and life stresses is to confront them in real life situations where you live and work.