Suboxone treatment is the New Gold Standard of Opioid Addiction Treatment, and it is time Suboxone is recognized as the Wonder Drug it really is.

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Suboxone is a wonder drug. Just ask anyone who has been given a second chance at life because of it. Its time everyone recognizes Suboxone for what it is, the new standard of care for heroin, fentanyl and opioid prescription painkillers addiction.

Suboxone is the safest, fastest overall most effective FDA approved medical treatment for prescription opioid pills, heroin and Fentanyl addictions. It helps prevent overdose and overdose deaths by preventing opioid induced respiratory failure and cardiac arrest. It controls cravings and withdrawal symptoms and significantly reduces the risk of relapse, HIV and Hepatitis C. Suboxone helps block the “high” associated with pain pills and heroin abuse. It is safe, effective, well tolerated, and easy to use.

After special training, a physician can be licensed by the Drug Enforcement Administration to prescribe it. Unlike Methadone that is prescribed in a clinic, Suboxone and its new form Sublocade is prescribed in the privacy of a physician’s office. They can be prescribed for take-home use for a month at a time. This means you get the best opioid addiction treatment while living at home. You can continue to work, go to school, and care for your family. Your life is not needlessly disrupted. Suboxone treatment is convenient, effective and safe.

Dr Michael Kittay

Note: Dr. Kittay is a DEA licensed Suboxone and Sublocade prescriber, and based on his experience and qualifications credentialed to treat the highest numbers of opioid addiction patients allowed by law.

Dr Kittay has developed medical protocols that make transitioning from prescription opioid pill, heroin and fentanyl to Suboxone safe and comfortable. You do not need to go “cold turkey” or get severely “dope sick”. You do not need to go through an inpatient detox, or be admitted into a residential rehab. Most people are comfortably and safely stabilized on of Suboxone on day 1 of treatment. Suboxone is fast and effective.

Suboxone is the Best Medical Treatment for Prescription Opioid Pain Pill, Heroin or Fentanyl Addictions.

When both benefits and risks are considered, current scientific evidence shows Suboxone overall superior to Methadone and Vivitrol (intramuscular naltrexone).

Suboxone vs Methadone

Suboxone is as effective as Methadone in preventing opioid cravings and relapses and:

  • Far better tolerated by patients;
  • Safer, does not cause cardiac problems and is not associated with serious adverse medication interactions;
  • Prescribed in the privacy of a physician’s office for up to 1 month at a time not dispensed in government regulated clinics that usually require daily visits.

Suboxone vs Vivitrol

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Suboxone is as effective as Vivitrol in preventing opioid cravings and relapses and:

  • Patients do not need to detox and be uncomfortably off opioids for 7-10 days before starting treatment;
  • Much better tolerated by patients;
  • Safer, does not cause liver problems;
  • Does not cause severe prolonged addiction withdrawal syndrome (PAWS), a major cause of relapse;
  • Can be safely prescribed during pregnancy.

Note: Most importantly is Suboxone’s safety:

  • People can overdose on Methadone and the risk of overdose is more than 4 times the risk of overdose on Suboxone.
  • Naltrexone is associated with 8 times the risk of overdose after patients stopped using Vivitrol treatment when compared to Suboxone or Methadone treatment.


Studies show that opioid addiction treated by long term Suboxone significantly reduces deaths from all cause and overdose mortality and significantly improved quality-of-life ratings with maintenance treatment.

  • Suboxone maintenance is to be superior to detoxification alone in terms of treatment retention, adverse outcomes, and relapse rates;
  • Patients on Suboxone reduces of HIV and hepatitis C transmission compared to abstinence-based therapy or detoxification alone;
  • Suboxone is also associated with better hepatitis C treatment outcomes.

Suboxone is More Effective and Safer than 28 Day Abstinence Based Treatment Programs

“Graduates” of 28 day abstinence only programs have significant risk overdose and relapse:

  • 32 times the risk of overdose death within 4 months of becoming “clean and sober”;
  • 8 times the risk of overdose death within the first year;
  • 90% relapse in the first year, and many of these die of preventable opioid overdose;
  • Yet 90% of all addiction treatment programs remain insistently and irritatingly wed to a failed abstinence-only based 12-step approach.
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Who treats you, where you are treated and how you are treated is key to recovery. Outpatient Office Based Suboxone Treatment with Dr. Kittay Works.

Dr. Kittay’s Program: “Rehab without Walls”

  • Office Based Opioid Addiction Treatment with Suboxone;
  • Private Psychiatric Treatment for Dual Diagnoses Treatment;
  • Management of poly-addictions: addiction to opioids complicated by addiction to other substances and/or alcohol;
  • Addiction and Psychological Counseling.

Dr Kittay’s Opioid Addiction Treatment Program “Rehab without Walls” is community office-based addiction and psychiatric treatment in his private practice, and you benefit from treatment by a Harvard trained Psychiatrist and a Board Certified Addiction Specialist. You enjoy scheduled private office medical appointments. His office staff is warm, caring, and dedicated to helping you through a stressful time. His office is an inviting and safe, and reflects his nonjudgmental and compassionate approach.

“Dr. Kittay is one of the most caring, compassionate people I have every know.”

“In the eight years that I have been a patient of Dr. Kittay’s, there has never been Once that he hasn’t been there when I needed him. His office is safe and comfortable, and his calming demeanor always makes me feel at ease. He has the knowledge and passion for helping people … that truly sets him apart.”