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Dr. Kittay is an adult psychiatrist who treats psychiatric conditions including Depression, Anxiety, Attention Deficit, PTSD and Sleep Disorders. He is an expert at diagnosing and treating mental, emotional and behavioral illnesses.

Addiction Medicine

Addiction Medicine

Dr Kittay is a Board-Certified Addiction Doctor who treats all addictions including Alcohol, Heroin, Prescription Pain Pills, Anxiety Medications, Stimulants, and Cocaine. The goal of recovery is real and can lead you to a productive, fulfilling, substance free life.

Harvard Psychiatrist

Suboxone Doctor

Dr. Kittay is a highly skilled DEA licensed Suboxone Doctor. Suboxone is the gold standard for opioid addiction treatment and helps prevents overdoses and overdose deaths. Please see our section on Addiction Care.


Dual Diagnosis Psychiatry

A person with Dual Diagnosis has both a psychiatric disorder along with an alcohol or drug addiction. It is very common for these conditions to occur together. Dr. Kittay manages both psychiatric and addiction illnesses simultaneously which will help lead you to recovery.

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Welcome to the Office of Michael J. Kittay, MD

Thank you for visiting my Website. My name is Dr. Michael Kittay and I am an Adult Psychiatrist who uses cutting edge psychiatry, medicine and scientifically proven treatments to make you feel your best. With today’s advances in neuroscience, genetics, and treatment methods, I am able to offer you state-of-the-art care. Psychiatric symptoms can be caused by many things such as: strokes, endocrine disorders, pregnancy, trauma, tumors, PTSD, and more. Armed with an understanding of Internal Medicine along with Psychiatric Medicine; I diagnose and create a treatment plan for each of my patients. In order to give Multi Dimensional Care, I routinely:

  • Diagnose underlying medical issues that lead to psychiatric symptoms.
  • Consult with other physicians including: Obstetrics, Gynecology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Pain and Sleep Medicine.
  • Order labs to record baseline data and to screen for general medical problems.
  • Do Genetic Testing to study a patient’s genes for information which guides diagnosis and medication treatment decisions.
  • Order biomarkers tests for inflammation and oxidative stress to help guide drug therapy.
  • Offer Complementary Treatments in the management of Depression and Anxiety such as: hormones, diet, weight control, restorative sleep, exercise and mind-body stress management techniques.

Dr. Kittay Specializes In Addiction Medicine

If you have concerns about an addiction, Dr. Kittay is an Addiction Specialist with a highly specialized program called: Addiction Recovery Care Help™


Mental illness is a very painful condition which can cause serious hurt to one in their everyday life. We find many of our patients misdiagnosed and improperly treated, some suffering months or years with the wrong diagnosis and treatment. Dr Kittay is an experienced, Harvard trained Psychiatrist, known for his Diagnostic Expertise and can promise you very effective treatment options available today.