Office Policies

Office Policies and Fees


Doctor Consult
  • In case of a Psychiatric Emergency, call Dr. Kittay at 813-444-5200 x 1.
  • If he does not immediately answer leave a message, and then call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room.

Payment Guide

We are a Self-Pay Office – Payment for Care is due at the Time of Service.

We do not accept health insurance…BUT… most health insurers pay a portion of Dr. Kittay’s fees.

  • Kittay’s does not accept insurance, and it is your responsibility to pay for his services at the time he provides them.
  • However, many health insurance policies have coverage for “out of network providers” like Dr. Kittay.
  • This means you pay Dr. Kittay, and then file a claim with your Insurance Company for reimbursement for services rather than our office doing it for you.

It is easy to file for Insurance Reimbursement from Your Insurance Company.

  • Each visit with Dr. Kittay generates an itemized paid receipt with billing and diagnosis codes. If your visit was telemed, please ask us to mail one to you.
  • You then submit your paid receipt to your insurance company along with a completed insurance claim form. Be sure to check the box that says to send it you, the insured and not to Dr. Kittay’s office.
  • For convenience, you can often submit all paperwork for several visits on the same form at the same time… so you only file monthly or every few months.
  • Your insurance company then sends a check directly to you.

We are happy to help you complete and submit your claim.

  • We will help you get the proper claim form, teach you how to fill it out, and how to file it… It’s really easy….
  • Our office manager will walk you through the process. Filing a claim is not hard.

Speak with your Health Insurer:

  • Contact your health insurance customer service representative or the HR Department where you work to get details on your plan’s “Out of Network” benefits.
  • Your Insurance Company can explain how to receive reimbursement and at what rate it will be. Be sure you tell them that Dr. Kittay is an M.D.
  • Ask your insurance company for a reimbursement “Claim Form”, and bring it to your appointment so we can help you fill it out. We may even have a copy of your form on file to make things even simpler.

Note: Your health insurance WILL pay for medications and laboratory tests Dr. Kittay orders for you.

Payments – We Accept:

  • We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, Debit cards, HSA (Health Savings Account), Flex Plan cards or Cash. We do not accept Checks or Amex.
  • Payment is always due at the time of service.
Confidential Patient Health forms

Fee Schedule:

Office Visits: The initial evaluation is an in-depth consultation that includes taking thorough medical and psychiatric histories. You will complete screening tools for psychiatric disorders including mood, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD and ADHD. Your evaluation will also include a detailed addiction history, drug screen and American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) placement program evaluation that is used to create a comprehensive and individualized recovery plan. Treatment options, medical and blood tests and referrals to other specialists and therapists will be discussed.

  • $390 – Initial Evaluation
  • $190 – Follow-up office consultation
  • $25 – In-office drug screen

Phone Consultation with the Doctor: You are encouraged to call the doctor with any concerns or medical questions.  Most questions and concerns can typically be answered quickly, and this is provided at no cost as part of the care you receive from Dr. Kittay. However, if your problem is complicated there may be a fee for services provided:

  • 0-5 Minutes – No charge
  • 5-10 Minutes – $75
  • 10-15 Minutes – $125

Missed Appointments: If you have scheduled as appointment, Dr. Kittay has blocked out time for your visit. Unless a true emergency situation arises, you must cancel at least 24 hours in advance to avoid these fees:

  • Late Cancellation – $50
  • No Show – $50

Prescription Medication Refills

Before renewing your prescription, Dr. Kittay reviews your chart in detail, accesses national and state controlled substances and medication databases, communicates with your pharmacy and writes a note on your chart.

  • Prescriptions are normally refilled during your regular appointments as part of your visit;
  • It is your responsibility to attend your scheduled appointment to get routine medication refills;
  • Prescription Medication Refills can be requested by calling the main number and selecting the pharmacy line.
  • Dr Kittay is not in his Office every day so please allow 2 days for refill requests.

Under the following circumstances, that are not “business as usual”, there are fees for Prescription Medication Refills:

  • $50 – Refills needed because medications “ran” out early or were “lost”;
  • $50 – “On-Demand Refills” due to missed, canceled appointments, or not making a follow-up appointment;
  • $50 – Refills that need to be made on weekends or immediately (not giving 2-day notice) as “Emergency” refills;
  • Because of the ever increasing time and cost burden required to complete forms being requested by patients, write letters, or authorize medication, there may be a charge associated with these services.

Note: Medication and Lab Tests fees are routinely covered by Health Insurance.

  • The cost of most medications and laboratory tests are covered under the terms of your health insurance;
  • When medically necessary, psychiatric, blood, urine, or genetic tests are ordered.  Examples are: Thyroid, Vitamin D, Hormone Levels, and C-Reactive Protein.  Blood tests are done at your local lab such a Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, or a local clinic or hospital.